Montfort Hostel is managed by the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, a group of Religious men, who are specialised in the field of education, administering academic and technical schools for normal and disabled children. The Hostel is intended for boys, studying in St. John's Hr.Sec.School and St. Maria Goretti's school, Kolasib.

      The hostel is meant for students from outside Kolasib specially from villages developing a student to full potential and initiating him to face the realities of life. Therefore, prayer, studies, work, games and cultural programmes are part of Hostel life.

1.      Generally Boys from Class IX are admitted to the Hostel and boys from other classes are admitted at the discretion of the management.
2.      English is the only language to be used in the Hostel and violation of this rule is punishable.
3.      (a)     Parents/guardians are not allowed to meet their children without the permission of the Director/Warden.
         (b)     The parents/guardians can visit their children on second Saturdays. They can be taken out from 9:30am till 2:00pm.
4.      At the reopening of the school, boarders must report to the Hostel, the previous evening before 6:00 pm. Late comers who have not received prior permission will have to pay Rs. 100/- as late fee.
5.      The boarders are not allowed to leave the campus without the permission of the Warden.
6.      Any boarder who is found having bad influence on others will be  dismissed from the boarding without any notice.
7.      A student who is dismissed from the hostel is dismissed from the school also. The Director's decision is final.
8.      No one is allowed to bring in or to possess, walkman, magazines, story books etc without the permission of the Warden.
9.      Students are allowed to bring Mobile Phones provided they are entrusted with the Warden. They will be allowed to use the same on Saturdays and Sundays as the Warden decides.
10.    Money and valuable articles should be deposited with the warden.
11.    Should any one cause damage to the furniture or any other property he shall make good the damage or loss.
12.    No boarders shall receive letters or any other articles from others without the knowledge of the warden.
13.    Any misbehaviour which mars the good reputation and norms of the institution, will lead to punishment or dismissal at any time.
14.    Those who fail in any class will not be readmitted in the boarding. However the final decision is left to the Director.
15.    Smoking, possession or use of any intoxicants ( drugs, alcoholic drinks, tobacco, sahdah, pan, tuibur etc) will lead to dismissal from the boarding without any warning.
15.    Boarders are not allowed to visit or stay in their friends houses in Kolasib during holidays without the Permission of the Director.


Admission         - Rs.  3000/-
Establishment fee - Rs.  3000/-
Annual fees         - Rs.  3000/-
Caution deposit - Rs.  2000/-
Monthly fee         - Rs.  3000/-

      ( At the time of admission to the boarding all the above fees must be paid )

Note :
      Caution deposit is normally returned on production of the receipt after the completion of the year. However if a student leaves the Hostel on his own or if he asked to leave on account of misbehaviour or disciplinary problems before the completion of the year,  the student will forefit the caution deposit.

•    The Monthly fee must be paid before the 15th of every month, failing which a fine of Rs. 50/- will be charged. Boarders who do not pay the fees for two consecutive months will not be allowed to continue in the Boarding.
•    The receipts of the fee paid must be kept safe till the end of the year for any future reference.
List of Articles
      a)   Trunk (or) Suitcase with lock
      b)   School Uniforms               -    2 sets
      c)   Colour dresses                 -    4 sets
      d)   Night wear                        -    2 sets
      e)   Sweater                            -    2
      f)    Bathing towels                  -    2
      g)   Handkerchiefs                   -    3
      h)   Under wear, banians          -    4 pairs
      i)    Black shoes for school     -    1 pair
      j)    Canvas shoes                   -    1 pair
      k)   Football boot                    -    1 pair
      l)    Hostel banian                    -    1 pair
      m)  White sock                       -    3 pairs
      n)   Colour socks                    -    3 pairs
      o)   Slipper                             -    1 pair
      p)   Mug, bucket,umbrella,Torch,chem, tuthlawh,plate,cup soucer,spoon etc.
      q)   Matress, quilt or blanket,bedsheets,mosquito net, pillow & case.

      r)    Toilet Articles :comb,mirror,bathing soap,washing soap,toothpaste, toothbrush, shoe polish, oil, powder etc. ( All the Articles should bear the  Hostel Number)


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