30 November 2016

Tercentenary  Celebration, a reflection

It was indeed a pleasant and refreshing, break for all the staff numbers to gather at St. Paul's Hr. Sec. School,  Aizawl for a seminar cum entertainment under the Tercentenary Celebration of our founder , St. Montfort.

It was nice to meet all the other staff members of the Schools of Montfort Brothers in Mizoram to gather under one roof and share our experiences and personal thought with each other.

It would be beneficial if we would often have such kind of gathering as it encourages us to aspire higher and also becomes a ground for refreshers course for all of us.

- Mr. Andrew

I am very happy to be one of the teachers from St. John's Kolasib administered by the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel to attend the Grand Celebration of Montfortian Tercentenary held at Aizawl, Mizoram.

The Celebration Schedules was fine, complex, somehow spontaneous than I had expected. Not only the religious, all of us had a chance to expresses our inner Montfortian being.

The Organising body as well as the Provincial Superior and the Brothers made the programme solid and I thought it might be an expensive programme, lent it was a fruitful to me. Hence, the real background, initial stages of the Montfort, the Montfortian Congregation, the Mission which were never known has revealed to me a lot. This has impressed me much.

There are many more to say, but let me find my lines by saying 'Long live Monfortian Education'.
- Mr. Robert

We attend a Tercentenary Celebration at St. Paul's Hr. Sec. School, Aizawl, Mizoram and were so impressed. We received our places for the Centenary Celebration which took place 28th - 30th September, 2016. It was well worth the wait. We had a wonderful weekend! All the staff without exception were friendly and helpful and nothing was too much a trouble. The quality and range of food provided was superb. Reception, catering and service staff were excellent, could not find fault with any of them.
The presentation of the life of Montfort were inspiring and were well presented. There are no examples more inspiring, more worthy of remembrance and esteem in every age, than those of Saints like St. Louis de Montfort on this Tercentenary of St. Louis de Montfort, his writings and teachings remain ever fresh and inspiring.

Three hundred years of wisdom
Three hundred years of service
With blessings from above
Long live our Alma mater.
- Ms Hmachhuani

The Staff members of St. John's HSS Kolasib along with the Principal and Vice Principal started the preparation much advance. The yearlong Celebration was concluded at the two day seminar for all the staff members of the Monfortian Institutions in Mizoram at St. Paul's Higher Secondary School, Aizawl.

The staff of St. John's had decided to put up a Cultural programme on day two of the seminar when each School was given time to showcase their talents. We had come up with a theme 'Variety is the Spice of Life'. The Johnian Staff came up with their ingenious ways of depicting various cultural themes that arranged well to elaborate our theme.

Each member had made elaborate arrangement with unique cultural costumes and lots of practice went into wearing whole programme that lasted about 20 minutes into a colourful presentation of a rich cultural fiesta.

- Sr. Rose mary

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09 November 2016

The tiny seed planted by the Holy Cross Missionaries in  1959 looked after by the Priests of the Diocese of Silchar then and now Aizawl nourished by the Montfort Brothers has reached 57 years of its existence as St. John's Hr. Sec. School, Kolasib, Mizoram.

It is still shining as the best School in the whole district thanks to dedicated band of staff of past and present.
The students have been doing their best year after year in the Board Exams. Many of them are placed high in various offices not only in Kolasib nut also in Aizawl. There are quite a member of them have gone beyond the Geographical limits of the tiny Mizoram state. They all do well in their own chosen field. It was made possible by the strong support and encouragement given by their parents and others who matter.

The present day students who are just above one thousand are being trained in over all development to face the challenges of tomorrow and to make this world better place to live in.

The new academic year started off on 5th April with the hope that St. John's will ever grow and bear first in abundance.

The theme for the year 2016 is 'Make a Positive Difference'. Everyone under the umbrella of St. John's is trying their best to 'change the life from making a living to making a difference".
We were glad to have Shinthoibi the 3rd rank holder in the HSLC exam. We did fairly well both in HSLC & HSSLC Examination of  2016.

Due to unusual rush for Science Stream, we have added one more section in Class XI  Science to the existing one section. We have 4 streams of Arts students who have shown that they too can make a positive difference not only in their lives but in the lives of others too.

A part from the usual teaching learning process what is special for the new academic year is the introduction of one period per week to pursue their interest in their lives in the form of Club Activities. I am happy to say that apart from very strong NCC Cadets both Army & Navy wings we have 24 various Clubs where in every students has to enroll in one Club. The following are the various Clubs introduced this year.
Johnian Social Services
Eco Club
Science Club
Sports and Games Club
Culture Club
Literary Club
Music Club
Dance Club
Taekwondo Club
Cleanliness Club
Art & Handicraft Club
Drawing & Painting Club
Medicinal Plant Club
Anti Tobacco Squad
Yoga Club
Campus Beautification Club
Badminton Club
Mathematics Club
Computer Club
Flower Garden Club
Kitchen garden Club
Montfortian Associates

The strong resolve by the staff members to make positive difference is the driving force behind the Success story of St. John's, Kolasib.

It is said that it takes a Village to raise a Child. The educational atmosphere in the district though rather good it needs to be improved. It is possible only when all the stake holders join hands to move ahead. Therefore may I request the parents, the various NGOs, and the public of Kolasib to join hands with St. John's to make our district the best in the whole state to be a model for others to follow. Some of you may think that it may not be possible as we are for away from the capital city. It is the Challenge of each of you and we at St. John's to accept with determination and resoluteness. If we believe in ourselves and continue to work hard even this will be a possibility. We need determination, hard work and above all the blessing of the almighty for everything is possible for those who believe in Him.

Long Live St. John's
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